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We buy and use a quantity of batteries.  Most of them are however exchanged, because they were destroyed, either at the point in time of the line-up or later by neglect.  Only few wear accurately. This does not have to be like that.  With correct application and regular maintenance motorcycle batteries can hold several years, as they also do it in auto.  Batteries are dispatched " drying cited ". After they were filled with acid, they are in a to some extent loaded and operational status.  As also is:  A battery, which is reloaded not immediately, will not have any more than 80% of its indicated capacity as well as a shorter life span.

Batteries - Thus one extends its life span

A freshly filled battery should one a half until one hour be let and afterwards three to five hours long load. The load performance should be constantly with a tenth indicated battery capacity. You cannot up to the next day wait or  you be safe that it receives the full charge when driving your machine. For example it concerns with the Yuasa YB16-B, as the part number lets assume, over a battery of 16 Amperestunden(Ah) and needs themselves a initialladung of 1,6 Ampere (A).  It would not constitute much, if the battery were charged with 1,4 or 1,8 A, the value should the best result half only in the area around a tenth be situated.

A completely discharged battery destroys itself fast, often within only two weeks.  So a destruction is a sequence of sulfur deposits.  Lead sulfate normally forms when unloading a battery. A completely discharged battery will begin to structure on the surface of the active disks a hard insulating layer from lead sulfate. This layer isolates the disks against the normal chemical reaction, and if one permits this long enough, renewed loading becomes impossible. The battery is ruined.

Sulfur deposits are not a problem, if the motorcycle of daily about 30 kilometers is driven at normal rates and with few stops or starting processes. On the other hand a battery can remain chronically too small loaded and have a short life span by short spraying routes or storing letting lasting for weeks. A fast and akkurate method to determine the charge of your battery is by means of a hydrometer. On (photo) shown from Yuasa is an excellent example. It was laid out for the use in the case of motorcycle batteries.  If a battery discharges, the acidity is reduced. The acid (approx. 10% sulfuric acid and 90% water) becomes actual almost completely water. A hydrometer measures this difference of the density, which is again a akkurate playback of the battery charge.

The charge can be determined also with a voltmeter. In order to do this, one attaches the measuring instrument to the battery and switches with engine switched off the ignition and the light on. If the voltage display falls under 11,5 V (or 5,75V with a 6V-Circiut), the battery must be charged. A simple method over to guarantee, daá the battery of its machine is always fully loaded, consists of attaching every few weeks a small loader. Yuasa Exide manufactures such loaders for approximately two decades. These loaders possess high-speed links, which it enable to leave constantly attached at the machine the links. The loader can once adjusted be put fixed into a plug socket and into the high-speed link of the machine.

High charging currents (more than the double of the recommended 10%) can likewise lead to damages, by heat delay or oxidation.  Therefore one should never charge a motorcycle battery with a ampere-strong autobattery charger.

Normally a battery loses water during operation. This is because of slight overloading, which occurs when driving the machine. You must monitor the level of liquid of your battery and adjust it water distilled occasionally with. If the disks are not covered, they will oxidize, and which section oxidized will not recover, if the liquid level is again increased. The capacity of the battery in the long term to remain reduced.

How will sink quickly with your machine of the liquid levels of your battery, depends factors on a number: how much energy offers the load system, as far one drives at normal rate without to stop, like frequently one the starter uses etc..  You should check the level frequently, until a feeling for it developed it, how quickly it lowers itself. Checks it afterwards so often, as it taught you the experience. Naturally should keep the top side of your battery as well as their poles clean to it.  A dirty housing can lead sufficient current between Poland, in order to lead an unloading here.  Loosens or corroded poles the current flow in and from a battery will limit, which leads to bad launch characteristics as well as one chronically to small charge.

No smaller battery than necessarily buys. If you buy a larger, then threw its cash raus. But if you buys a too small, could deactivate you somewhere, where their rather would not do it. A machine with Kickstarter does not need a point battery with high storage capacity. A Big twin with e-starter however needs the most efficient battery, which one can do wars. Hp builds the strongest batteries, which are available today. They are manufactured by Yuasa in Pennsylvania, and improve give it not. A few caution measures: During the loading procedure an explosive mixture escapes from hydrogen and oxygen from a battery. Keep also open light away and pull the plug of the battery charger, before their it separates from the battery, in order to avoid sparks. Additionally battery acid can cause eye permanent damage and corrode the skin. Careful handling is thus recommended.


Quelle: Yuasa-Exide, Inc.